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Actuarial Executive
Hyderabad       0-2 years Experience  

Job Description

If you are an aspiring actuary eager to kick start your career in the exciting areas of life and general insurance, this role is for you.
You will get opportunity to work on the cutting edge projects, working with highly respected industry veterans in the area of insurance and IT. You will be building actuarial models for various products solving some of the most complex problems in the life and general insurance, and gain international exposure and experience.

Job Title:  Actuarial Executive

Experience:  0-2 years

Location:  Hyderabad


  •  Building actuarial models                         

  •  Developing new insurance products

  •  Statutory valuation

  •  Preparing presentations, reports 

  •  Working with IT professionals to develop systems to automate models and to ensure compliance with the   requirements of regulatory bodies

Work Area:

  • Pricing

  • Modelling

  • Valuation

Qualifications: Although this area of work is open to all graduates with strong numerical skills, the following subjects at graduation may increase your chances:

   •    Actuarial science or actuarial mathematics
   •    Business or finance
   •    Economics
   •    Engineering
   •    Mathematics or statistics
   •    Risk management




 You'll need to have:

   •    A high level of numerical ability
   •    Good communication skills, including the ability to convey complex information to clients
   •    Analytical, research and creative problem-solving skills
   •    IT skills
   •    Ability to write clear reports
   •    Ability to take responsibility
   •    Excellent people, interpersonal and listening skills
   •    A strong teamwork ethic
   •    Self-discipline, determination and an appreciation of the demands of studying while working
   •    Sound judgement and a genuine interest in business
   •    Commitment to an actuarial career.

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