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A powerful software which can generate actuarial cashflows.


“LifeGuru-IFRS 17” is a flexible, compliance focused and cost effective IFRS 17 calculation software. It does all required calculations for production of IFRS 17 subledger accounting entries and integrated with the Insurers accounting systems to produce seamless IFRS 17 reporting and disclosures.

 Key Features it offers
  • Data Staging:

Well defined input data requirements for each combination of the stages of the valuation and reporting.

  • Customization:

Valuation parameters to set as per the company’s choice of accounting policy.

  • Processing the Measurement Models:

Calculations required under all Measurement models – GMM, PAA, VFA and GMI (A variant of GMM for contracts with indirect participating features). These including the discounting of Best estimate cash flows, CSM, Loss component, Unwinding, Coverage Units, Amortisation of CSM, release of LC, Systematic allocation of Acquisition costs, Release of other Insurance revenue components, Experience variance adjustments.

  • Data Depository:

Storing & Retrieving all historical assumptions, IFRS 17 BS numbers such as CSM, LC, Acquisition costs and their use in reporting and disclosures without any interventions by the user. 

  • Generation of Accounting Entries:

 Automatic Output of IFRS 17 related all accounting entries.

  • Reporting templates:

Auto generation of detailed and step-by-step Analysis of movements as per the disclosure requirements, production of Profit & Loss reporting templates.

 Operation & Governance
  • Easy to operate:

It will be easily installed and run more easily and the output can be integrated with the existing accounting system for generation of reports.

  • Flexibility:

System though meant to operate at Group of contracts level and reporting at portfolio level, it can be operated at the sub-group level or at the extreme can be policy level for the purpose of testing and review of the policy and process.

  • Platform:

Can be on cloud based or can be hoisted in the local machines as per the choice of the users.

  • Governance Process:

Effective and efficient controls in operating and run the tool and reporting of the results. Provides database security, audit trails and versioning.


We offer end-to-solution as part of our service besides our product installation. The following activities are offered as part of IFRS 17 end-to-end solution.

 Implementation of Accounting Policy:
  • Configure Unit of Account:

Testing the eligibility of Insurance, Separation/combination of insurance elements, Onerous contract testing, defining Grouping requirement, identification of Non-distinct investment components. Policy grouping of Reinsurance contracts studying treaties.

  • Expected Cash flows:

Defining the components of cash flows to be part of best estimate cash flows, coverage units.

  • Measurement Models:

Testing/review of direct and ceded Policy contracts to be grouped under different measurement models.

  • Expense Allocation:

Defining & allocation of expenses attributable to the portfolio of insurance contracts, further segregation to Acquisition (Pre-coverage & coverage), maintenance and claim expenses etc.

  • Mapping COA:

Help in mapping current P&L and insurance liability accounting entries with the new IFRS 17 accounts and help in transition entries to move on to IFRS 17 Balance sheet.

 Develop ETL Process:

Helping in to build the input files required for the IFRS 17 tool, in the specific format required by the software system using Extract, transfer and load processes such as

ETL to allocating & loading of group & portfolio, tagging cohort, measurement model along with Profitability status of contracts to be consistent with internal accounting policy and standard

ETL to load discount rates, expected cash flows in case of GMM / VFA, Coverage Benefits etc.,

ETL to load business transactions including the asset data & Forex data

There would be different set of files depend on the stage of valuation such as initial recognition, Experience variance or assumption changes in subsequent measurement etc.,

 Implementing Transition requirement
Will help generating all the historical and current cash flows and opening values balance items of IFRS 17 liability such as CSM, Acquisition cash flows, LC etc., as per the company’s approved methodology.
 Testing & Training and support

Provide detailed testing of input and output variables, reporting & disclosures for two sets of accounting periods.

Support for one year after implementation. Taking through different stakeholders including Auditors.

Providing a range of training on implementation process including the study of new reports.


We have IFRS 17 experts, tools and knowledge to support through the insurers IFRS 17 implementation plan.

We have very experienced Actuarial & Finance experts having already involved in the implementation of IFRS 17 and also involved with various IFRS 17 projects

We have IT experts who are involved in developing the IFRS 17 tool and also involved in various other IT projects.

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